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Hi guys and girls - welcome to celebritypictures.de! A lot of people are waiting for celebrity...

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We all love juicy gossip and funny stories about the rock stars, hollywood actors and top athletes on this planet. But the most interesting thing you can find is still a great picture! On celebritypictures.de you can find weblinks were you can download posters and wallpapers for your desktop, but we also have a great amount of sources for private and old pictures, autographs and everything you can imagine. All our links are always up to date, so you never miss a great pic.

If you miss your favorite model or actress, just give us a hint and be patient. We constantly work on celebritypictures.de. Now browse and enjoy!

Carla Gugino

We know the pretty brunette from films as "Watchmen", "Sin City" and "Night at the Museum". Carla Gugino also appeared in "Who's the Boss?" and a Bon Jovi music video some years ago. She's the daughter of an Italian orthodontist, her mother is of English-Irish descent, but perfectly sexy Carla was born in Florida. Find Carla Gugino pictures and more!

Julia Roberts

She is definitely one of the most famous actresses all over the world: Julia Roberts. We'll never forget "Pretty Woman", the movie that pushed her career in 1990. But still there is no mistake - if you see her beautiful face in a movie, you can almost be sure it will be a blockbuster. Find Julia Roberts pictures and more!

Liv Tyler

Lovely Liv started working as a model when she was only 14 years old. Today the dark-haired beauty is also a successful actress. Maybe that's because she is the daughter of a model and a rock star - but it's also her own special kind of beauty which made her a convincing Arwen, one of the Elves in "Lord of the Rings". Find Liv Tyler pictures and more!

Mila Kunis

Did you fall in love with Lily in "Black Swan" or do you simply like Meg Griffin's voice in "Family Guy"? Well, that's both Mila Kunis, one of the most talented young American actresses of the past ten years. As a young girl she moved from the Ukrainian SSR to L.A. with her family. Once life in America used to be hard for her, but now we are just as happy as Mila about her success. Find Mila Kunis pictures and more!

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