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Born on August 29, 1971 in Sarasota, Florida, Carla Gugino is a household name in the entertainment industry as a renowned actor and producer. Her parents separated while she was still young, and she had to move a lot. Nonetheless, she excelled in her classes and successfully graduated. While only 15 years old, she landed an invite from major a modelling agency, Elite to model in New York. However, modelling in New York took a toll on her. Instead of returning home to live with her parents, she went LA to live with her aunt, to pursue her modelling and acting ambitions.

After her failure to capture the imagination of the runway in New York, Gugino’s aunt, an actor herself advised her to try acting. It was from this instance that her acting career began to bud. She landed a gig to play guests roles in “the Wonder Years” and “Who’s the Boss?” However, her breakthrough would come in 1989 when she debuted for “Troop Beverly Hills”. She has since featured in a myriad of TV shows, series and movies. Some of her big accomplishments include playing Jennifer Lopez in “Karen Sisco” and her role in “Chicago Hope” and “Spin City”.

Some of the rewards she has received for her exploits in the screen include the National Italian American Foundation reward in 2009, her nomination as a supporting actress in “snake eyes” and a 2008 nomination for her outstanding performance in “American gangster”. However, she faced a major setback when ABC pulled down “Out of Sight”, a popular TV drama series with a huge following. However, her star continues to shine as she follows her dream to be a producer, while still engaging in major acting roles.

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