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Being one of the most popular actresses in America and the world, Julia Roberts has succeeded in the world of Acting. Born in October 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia, USA she represents acting with diversity and modesty. How did it all begin for Julia Roberts?

The Beginning

The truth be told, Julia Roberts was inspired by her older brother Eric Roberts who had started acting in Hollywood and tasted sweet success. Following this, Julia decided to leave her passion for Journalism and try to pursue a career in acting instead. She did not realise how much of a success she would actually be. The first film that made her a star was 'Mystic Pizza' in 1988 and 'Satisfaction' 1988. However her signature film for which we all remember her by was her role in 'Pretty Woman' and this is what the world got. A pretty woman was introduced to the world and we embraced her. Julia Roberts won her first Oscar Nomination for her part in this film and her success and charisma would continue to grow. She continued to star in more and more films ranging from 'Hook' to 'My best friends Wedding.'


Behind the scenes, her romantic life was quite private, however she was linked to having relationships with different actors. Julia became involved with UNICEF charities and has made visits to many different countries, including those of Haiti and India, in order to promote goodwill and to help those less fortunate. She married two times in her life. She was briefly married to Lyle Lovett from 1993-1995 however they divorced only after 2 years. Her current husband is Daniel Moder to whom she has three children.


Julia Roberts will always be remembered for her somewhat sarcastic attitude and loving smile. Anybody would kill for a smile like hers. We can't help but adore her when she acts. She will always continue to entertain us and engage us with her proficiency as an actress. Respectful and considerate as a person, it comes as no surprise that she is one of the most popular and respected actresses today.

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