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Born Milena Markovna Kunis in 1983, in what is now called Chernivsti, in the Ukraine; Mila was raised by her Jewish parents. Her father, a mechanical engineer, enrolled her in an acting class after hearing about it on the radio. There, the 5’ 4” actress took her first steps towards what would become a successful and fulfilling acting career.

Her first break came playing the part of Melinda in the film ‘Make a Wish, Molly’ at the age of 12. From there, her acting career expanded to include TV series including ‘Baywatch’, ‘That ‘70s Show’ and even taking on the voiceover role of the unpopular ‘Meg’, in the popular ‘Family Guy’ cartoon series.

Perhaps her biggest break however, came in the popular 2008 film comedy, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, in which she played ‘Rachel Jansen’. Whilst continuing her role as ‘Meg’ in ‘Family Guy’, she has also taken on other acting roles such as ‘Lily’ in the classic film, ‘Black Swan’.

A distinctive actress, with her trademark husky voice, she also has the unusual physical attribute of having eyes of different colour. Her left eye is green, whilst the right eye is brown; the result of a rare condition called heterochromia iridis.

A big fan of rock band, ‘Aerosmith’, Mila is also a big fan of the online role-playing game, ‘World of Warcraft’ which may come as a surprise to some of her fans. Despite these, perhaps, quirky attributes, Mila was also ranked number five in Maxim magazine’s 2009 list of Hot 100 Women.

Her looks have stood her in good stead, and in January 2012, she was named as the new face of Dior; an achievement that will certainly raise her profile as well as her finances.

Her last released film, the 2011 ‘Friends with Benefits’, saw her playing the character, ‘Jamie Rellis’ and starring alongside singer Justin Timberlake. 2012 will see the release of the recently finished ‘Oz:The Great and Powerful’ with James Franco. Whilst much of her early work focussed on comedy roles; this new film is expected to raise her profile and give her the future leading lady roles that she so richly deserves.

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